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. a front-page cover on the washington post the release say it all. an icon gone scooped up by a billionaire businessman. still unknown. but does he know what he is getting nto? it turns out less to say that he has been there, done that and tell with a lot of grief. he is not going about journalists like me, but it is righnow, 7 years of music is being streamed. a quartemillion tweeters are tweeting. and 900 million dollarare changing hands online. that's why hp built a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow. this&is gonna be big. hp moonshot. it's time to build a better enterprise. together. ♪ >> big news, the founder of amazon is buying the washington post. >> the family has run the washington post for four generations, but that is coming to an end. >> a stunning announcement. amazons ceo je bezos is buying the washington post. >> the news was so big, and it was announced on the sticker on the "washington post" building. >> a sign of our changing world, news tha
about washington and congress on vacation that month, and debt piling up, talk of a shut down if they don't get their way on spending, president, i guess just as much a tin ear proposing more spending they could note further apart, our goverent of falling apart, what is wall street clinging to? a federal reserve he hopes will keep providing juice, the nicotine but fearing that sign maybe the fed will not, not as long as they hope, maybe not as much as they hope, that is where are, the nation collectively cowering closing embassies as caution, closing off budget deals at an abundance of arrogance, is it any wonder that a billo onion -- billionaire in blue jeans gets so many of you to e-mail? to those who think only sam, is that face, think began. i think we found another sam, actually he has been around for a while, his name is mel, if you thght sam was amazing. >> welcome, i am neil cavuto back-to-back in your face, a corporate titan not a afraid to let her rip, mel karma son may be in his secret tire am but he is far from pulling punches. he is just this is a guy likes to mak
on getting things done in a washington where nothing is getting done, new jersey governor chris christie fashions himself the me type doer of a get it done guy, it has been working for christy in a blue state it worked for brown initially in a more blew -- blue state, now brown is raising the takeses beyond his home state. it more than00s of a rumble on the right, this is the battle to watch, the months and years ahead, that for soul of the republican party, because there are those who lookt chris christie, and maybe brown as too pregmatic, the critics say to give rand a hand into guys like these guys the finger, conservative argue such accommodate ores never make it to the presidency, should not, levin telling me they are bad for the party's future. >> they argue they have been too accommodating, what do you think of that? >> the republican party sadly is ossifying, it will turn into old wig party and into nothing. it does not stand for anything. this is going to be a problem going forward in terms of elections. neil: what is lost in this argument, someone will be elected president in 2
's what is also certain. not only washington, the congress and the ignorance of it. check this out from congressman keith ellington over the weekend reporter: >> the government has a right. the governmentt and the people f united the united states running the programs of thunited states. so this includes health and welfare and housing and all of the things. neil: what he is proposing paying for all of these things iludes going after his money and all of these things. including the government would levy a sales tax on stocks and bonds and that would be uncle sam wanting a in on your money. what the congressman said it's really not your goomoney, it's the government's money. for you to hold and that money and distribute it as they see fit. the robin hood is nothing on this. it's pretty much all of these guys. we are talking about the outraged republicans. online, another neither is addressing thecountry. each side is compounding the problem. to take a look at this spraling de clock again. isn't it time that we scream stop it? it is the threat of another government shutdown and more spendi
think john boehner should be speaker? >> i think -- it is not enough to manage inside washington d.c., have you got to go out and speak to the people, the fact is that house, has often not been able to properly address or talk about why what they are doing matters to average people, and not to getting any done. they could have put this president on offense 500 times, and by refusing to allow group of people, original tea party freshmen to rise up and have a voice, you are seeing a situation where we're being set up to lose again. we don't have a voice from right in leadership or a large position arguing that point. i point to the united states senate, if you want to see, the future of the republican party, and, of course, to grassroots, it would be great if we focused on women, women are earning 60% of college degrees, they continue to sooner highest income. i think this is a very important., i hate gender politics, but man, i am never going to be sidelined by this women issue crap,. neil: speak your mind, i never know where you are coming from. it is design or coincident that i no
told their res could be slashed to 25%. lot of them are stuck paying close to 40%. no one in washington offering them a break or so much as a bone. wonder why they are ticked and wonder why they are here and wonder why they want to vent. three of my favorite small business salt of the earth guys jumped at chance to set things straight a baker, caterer and pr executive. trying trying to make end meet and trying to figure out a washington that seems to forget they're even there. they're all with me now. i love these guys. david mack cart r at thursday, baker, butch somali and small biz pr expert got fame housley in the big guy's face. pattyruglio. you have no fear with all the attention to the big guys and not you guys. what do you think if. >> i think it's a wrong. i'm f corporate america getting tax cuts. great for the big guys but problem is they're all c corps where most of us are s corp.s. so our revenue flows down indivially. so we're tacked at individual rate. that is just wrong. if they gave us the tax cut we could go out and do things like hire people and buy new equipment and in
, washington post web site hacked, "new york times" news and web site down for hours, time sites, cnn cite, site, each hit all down, and we're supposed to be relieved when they get back up? i don't know if they are connected. but i can connection dots, our mightist media, and financial sites where we shop, read, and trade, stop on a dime, costing them a lot of dimes, millions in potential revenue prose en -- frozen revenue because someone or something got in and messed it up. it slows trading on scores of other exchanges in chicago. in new york, and countless others. all high-tech prisoners of what is now told was a glitch. don't become forthed by act that trading in other market remain stable or treasury was looking in this. just remember, trillions of dollars in stocks, exchange traded funds and options stuck. just stuck. heart of capitalism inable to practice capitalism, sop oism sa glitch. to nicole on how nazdaq is reacting, a statement i can not understand. >> they said they figured out what the problem was in 30 minutes but then went on for hours trying to get it back up
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legal convention here in washington. three days later you get eric holder calling for a criminal investigation. president obama the next a desert of the acting commissioner and replace simmons as we will get to the bottom of it. now we find out they told us then, remember, it was over in may of 2012, completely done. we still have letters may 6th of 2013, just a few months ago. neil: have any of your clients -- i'm sorry, jordan. were you getting news for many of those that you represent that this was continuing? >> we knew that. starting in 2012, about march we started representing most of these groups. some are new with the new lawsuit, but most we have been representing cents over a year or close to a year-and-a-half. these groups were still waiting. we have a group, the albuquerque party. this group has been waiting over 1300 days. they applied december of 2009, and we are finding a from the irs it you were to apply today he would face the same kind of problems. what does it mean? they cannot solve correct. the irs does not what to do with these groups. we rejected that offer
the retailer to pay its workers more. and he is pushing washington d.c. to sign the bill to force walmart and other big box retailer to do just that. ralp nader said this is just threat, they should still pay the money now. ralph, good to have you back. >> thank you, neil. neil: i wondered that good intentions sometimes backfire, whatever your sentiment regarding walmart paying higher wages, if they just leave dc and pay no wages, what have you won? >> there is a bank for cooperative that can support the estaishment of good modern food co-ops in those areas under serve. neil: would they make up there up for 3,000 jobs. >> far more, they are more labor intensive. neil: but co-ops would have appeared theidn't. >> no, the powers that be in dc like big box stores. neil: not the coun the council t voted to step on them. >> that i a good move. head of walmart makes $11,000 hour that is more than the head of wmart made in 1968, why are million walmart workers today making ls in adjusted wages than workers made in 1968. would you work for less than what a talk show host made in 1968, let's get re
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, the washington era area code. things like this happen. they're not delivered. >> easy, that's what i've been saying is the real problem with the nsa or any other agency of the government collecting all of this information. when they do that it's in their data bases. the wrong base for the long terms in gets a lot of information by u.s. citizens. so, for example, using wild cards, what to call wild cards, if that type in 20 to start to get everybody in the 202 exchange in washington. that's like a massive collection. neil: then they say oops after words. i did not mean to do it. the damage is done. >> of rht. neil: thank you for clarifying a lot of the stuff. were they going to discover next? katrina pearson, that's your biggest fear. >> well, absolutely. and what we do with the american people? to we continue to allow this intrusion and abuse? absolutely not. 2014 will be an astounding time for people to stand up and speak out against these types of abuses because if you look hard recently representative justin a mosh proposed an amendment to the fund the specific portion ended narrowly fail
these near term machinations of the fed had made nearly as much difference as folks in washington what have you believe. neil: hanging on the fed for the markets every move seems to make them think that without that interest rates would be a lot higher. you seem to be saying that is not the case. >> i agree with you. i don't think they have that much impact. the fact the matter is we lack confidence. we have tremendous uncertainty. facing higher payroll taxes, were read silly about the financial implications of obamacare both for small business as well as individuals. the rules seem to be changing by the day, and with all the uncertainty, the consumer is, as many would say, cautious. neil: leave it to you to speak english. thank you very much. good seeing you again. i am thinking about tomorrow and najaf would cover a broad based sell-off one week after he bought the paper. we may be about to find out, and we are not the only ones that are curious.diate tendency knowy well. the newspaper industries. his name is black, conrad black. ♪ my mantra? always go the extra mile. to treat my low te
hacking or sites shutting down, and instagram, and nazdaq, so many others, washington post, "new york times," amazon, again and again, you see a pattern. >> yeah, you better believe it, every single digital asset we have in it country is under attack. neil: do you think that nazdaq was? >> it is, why would you not. neil: this stuff they are talking aboutal go rythms that did not mesh you are not buying that. >> it may will be but it is still under attack. neil: what do we do? >> keep your defenses up, if in talking about defense budget, if i had my choice wean spending money on -- between spending money on metal or on digital protection, i am spending it on digital protect every day of the week, someone explained to me, if you look at a warship, it is still a tech language -- technological practice artechnoe time you get to the third year of the building of that, it is obsolete, and if i am attacking u.s., do i attack the port or an allie or the nazdaq? >> you think there was some what of a concerted effort of a variety of folks with bad intentions. >> oh, yeah, are you kidding me, i'
. and you rent out an idea of washington that could change the viability of the business until we get a president who'll just run a stable country. neil: what do you think of what speaker boehner is doing in the meantime? critics say he is taking a pass and others are more pragmatic and that they keep the ball moving. another temporary extension to get us over to the next like so many we have seen before. that rattles us from corporate america standpoint. because we never get to the core of our problems. we keep kicking the proverbial can on the road. >> i haveixed feelings about that. neil: do you think that he is moving to dspirit these issues? >> i think he is spearheading hicome actually. more squabbling among the american people, to presidents we have been listening to partisan bickering. i'm sure it is eager for new members. when you think about? >> i thought th it was ignoranceor hypocritical. they will be worse off, they're these people on welfare -- it's been going on for 40 years and it's not going to to change. >> nasdaq shut down on the bus. they have been kind of doing ok
many times and maybe the management was somehow part of washington national where they have 66% of the slots in the combined carriers. neil: that's right, right into their financial high. maybe they filed a lawsuit to soften up the management. we don't know what is going on behind the scenes. but i think there will be some give and take and i think it will be resolved. it's only fair because these guys are really kind of the odd man out and they will be very weekend. neil: that indicate that something bigger is going on here. i know you would show for now a public offering. i'm wondering if that's part of the global climate for this sort of thing or whatever. >> i mean, we filed it, we were ready to go, the company was doing great. we were going to price it in july. and there are demonstrations and confidence. this is kind of had this the exchange rate that went crazy. people lost confidence a little bit. started pouring money out. it went haywire and so we just decided that we should kind of relax and it was something that we have to talk about they invested their private equi
than a one size fits all at the affordable health care act in washington, d.c. i am someone who had a chance, you ar and i have known each otr for a long time, i have no been in this job for the last eight months and i am more convinced than ever whetheit is economic policy, infrastructure, health care, giving states more freedom, more flexibility to develop their own ideas and their own solutions is a pathway back to prosperity. neil: what do you think this effort in congress to defund health ca, or do we even attach it to measures that would risk shutting down the government. congress by forcing it. what do you think? >> my focus is on the hoosier state. everywhere i go indiana obamacare is stifling our economy. barely a day goes by i don't talk to a business leader in business large and small that isn't making decisions about not hiring or not expanding or letting people go from full-time to part-time because of the impending cost and mandates of taxes of obamacare. whether it is delaying the imposition of the individual mandate or other measures in congress, i think all we can d
fiscally conservative member of congress. >> washington politicians care about bringing home the bacon. >> we've been doing that for too long. say anything, do anything, get elected first, then deceive the people. >people. >> as for chris christie, i will do everything i can in my little way to make sure he is not the nominee. neil: and these are republicans talking about the republicans, the presidential election is still more than 3 years away, a look at a grand old party food fight, we got the guy who aims to stop it. welcome, i am neil cavuto. scott walker knows a thing or two about dealing with angry critics, in his case, the were so worked up they tried to throw him out of office. i was with him during that saga over his right to work law. polls show that walker is coasting to a lely easy reelection now, but difference with governor walker experienced then and what to g.o.p. stars are engaging in now that republicans united behind scott, great scott, that is what worries this former political lightning rod turning uniting party elder statesman, he is younger than me, his party is
a balanced budget and the example of washington, the federal government, which does not. neil: a junk debt state. >> california has more millionaires than every state that mitt romney won together. neil: we couldrgue it forever. we will have you guys back. i don't know. inhe meantime, what is the fference between jumbo shrimp and it is congressmen's undocumented citizens line. one was funny and the evi ♪ il: the president cannot call a terrorist terrorist. >> make no mistake, we will work with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people. we will bring to justice those who tk them from us. there should be no doubt that we will be relentless in tracking down the killers and bringing them to justice. neil: but now republicans cannot call illegal immigrants illegal immigrants. >> i think and documents of -- citizens should have to come forward, have to sell to identify, pay a penalty in back taxes. neil: getting heat for calling illegal immigrants undocumented citizens at a town hall of event. but multitrillion-dollar immigration bill limning, time for polit
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 63 (some duplicates have been removed)